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Unpacking Made Easy: Tips for Settling Into Your New Apartment

Moving into a new apartment is a major energy zapper.

After packing all of your stuff, settling things with the moving company, and (literally) doing some of the heavy lifting, you might be so exhausted that you put off unpacking. And after several weeks of staying in your new place, you have yet to open a few boxes left.

With all the drained energy from moving, unpacking procrastination is something to be expected.

But to better enjoy your new apartment, you’ll need to start opening every box and arranging your things. And it doesn’t have to be difficult at all.

In this guide, we’ll help you make the chore of unpacking a bit easier.

Get Your Necessities Ready

The way you pack your stuff can determine just how easy it is to unpack. So if you’ve sorted your things according to categories, you can easily arrange them by room.

Start by unpacking your box of essentials. They should include your medications, documents, chargers, basic toiletries, first-aid kit, and other necessities.

Clean Your Place

Any chore can be easily done if you start with a clean slate, or in this case, a freshly cleaned apartment.

So after unpacking your necessities, get your mop, vacuum, and other cleaning supplies ready and start cleaning your new apartment. While it may already look immaculate, giving it a thorough clean yourself will ensure that every spot is free from dust and dirt. 

Wipe Down Everything

If you hadn’t cleaned your things before you packed them, the best time to do it is now. As you remove every item from the boxes, you need a cloth and cleaner ready to wipe them down.

By cleaning your stuff before you arrange them, you can make sure that you’re not bringing in any germs or dirt to your new space.

Place Each Box in Its Designated Room

To get the chore done quickly, you have to put each box in the room where you plan to unpack it. Again, packing your stuff according to its category can come in handy here.

For instance, your box of kitchenware should be in the kitchen, and your bag of clothes should be placed near your closet. Doing so will help you finish the task of unpacking more efficiently.

Prepare Your Bedroom

Who says you can’t take breaks and rest as you unpack? So go spread out the linens and bedding on your bed and recharge for the hours of unpacking.

After your well-deserved rest, install any shelves or storage units to easily organize your stuff in your new bedroom.

Do the Kitchen and Bathroom Next

All that unpacking might make you ravenous. Before you start preparing your dinner, hook up any kitchen appliances, like your coffee maker and refrigerator. Then, stow your food in the fridge, pantry, and cupboards.

If you don’t have enough time to finish up the kitchen, simply unpack each piece of kitchenware that you need, including dishes, utensils, pots, pans, and food prep tools.

Once you’re done with the kitchen, stock up your bathroom with toiletries and other important items, such as shower curtain, tissue paper, and towels.

Set Up Large Pieces of Furniture and Appliances

Before you assemble each piece of heavy furniture, you should have already planned out where it should go. For example, you should install the TV and speakers or your bookshelf once you figure out where it should be placed.

Having a plan in place can save you time and energy from reassembling and rearranging your furniture in the future.

After you’ve finished unpacking, don’t forget to do the most important step: relax and enjoy your new apartment!

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